Partner Resources


Partner Criteria & Responsibility

Learn what to do in order to apply for partnership and how to meet the responsibilities of a partner of United Way.  More information to come. 

Partner Application Process

United Way of Nevada County is currently re-structuring the partnership certification process.  Check back at a later date for information.


The source for useful information on becoming a United Way of Nevada County Partner and tools to help our current partners.   United  Way of Nevada County provides resources and opportunities for promotion  and outreach to help spread the message about our partners' good work. 


 The  use of the United Way brand is more than just a requirement  of  partnership; it’s a mark of distinction that provides mutually  beneficial results for both United Way and the partners within our  network. The “Community Partner” logo should be displayed on all of the  following items and be clearly visible 


United Way Merch

Shop for United Way branded merchandise! Add your business name for a nominal fee.  Offer to your employees as incentive.