Partner Information

What does it mean to be a United Way Partner?

United Way of Nevada County partners with organizations that share our view that the way to improve lives is by mobilizing the caring power of communities. Their commitment to addressing Basic Needs, such as helping alleviate food insecurity, providing emergency shelter for families in crisis, and making access to health care a priority, among other things, is very important. 

In order for a non-profit to apply to become a new partner with United Way of Nevada County, they must be an established 501(c)3 non-profit serving Nevada County for three years, in Health & Human Services.  

Why Become a United Way Partner?

United Way of Nevada County provides resources and opportunities for promotion and outreach to help spread the message about our partners' good work, engage potential donors and recruit volunteers.   Our partners are encouraged to utilize the United Way brand, which is one of the most recognized nonprofit brands in the world. 

United Way does the necessary due diligence for our donors through our Partner Application Process and Funding Application Process.  United Way has given over one million dollars back to the community over the past ten years, through the Community Impact Process. This includes designations and allocations to United Way programs, partner organizations, and collaborative programs.  Partners may have the opportunity to apply for funds through the  United Way Community Impact Funding Process.  Through the process, Hospitality House received a van for their Street Outreach program.


That’s what it means to be a United Way Partner. Together, we LIVE UNITED

Partners and potential partners may check out the Partner Resources page for more helpful information. 


Funding Opportunities

 All Partners are listed in our brochure, which is distributed to hundreds of employees during  workplace campaigns,  and community events.  Partners are also highlighted in our quarterly newsletter.  We register all of our Partners with the Our Promise California employee giving campaign, which offers CA state employees the opportunity to utilize payroll deduction to support charitable organizations they feel passionate about.  

Outreach & Promotion

Our  partners are featured on our website and published materials including  the United Way of Nevada County brochure.  Our partner agency  information is also listed on  materials  that are distributed to  thousands of donors through our  workplace  campaigns.  Our partners are  also included on the Our Promise CA  State Employees Campaign website.   United Way is proud to partner with non-profit organizations that are  dedicated to improving the lives of Nevada County residents. 

Social Media: Join our social network

Social  media is a great way to stay connected. Our Partners are encouraged to  share their  activities, successes and events with us. Interact with us  often, write  on our wall, comment on our statuses and tweet about  what’s going on  with your organization. 


The United Way Brand

 The use of the United Way brand is more than just a requirement  of partnership; it’s a mark of distinction that provides mutually beneficial results for both United Way and the partners within our network. The “Community Partner” logo should be displayed on all of the following items and be clearly visible:

  • Website
  • Brochures 
  • E-newsletters
  • Entrance to all facilities