Partner Criteria and Responsibilities

United Way of Nevada County (UWNC) in one of its roles as a coalition-builder seeks to create and maintain a vibrant and effective Partner Network consisting of nonprofit agencies, commissions, organizations, schools, and local government (organizations) to address community needs and further its mission of improving lives by directing community resources to community needs.

Partner Criteria:

To be considered a UWNC Partner, an organization must meet the following basic requirements.  

Submit a Partner Application according to UWNC’s application process on or before the established deadline and reapply every two years. 

In order to submit an Application each organization must:

  • Be an established 501(c) 3 non-profit providing Health & Human Services in Nevada County for at least three years, with at least two years of financial records (IRS Tax Form 990).
  • Have a written policy of non-discrimination and provide services to clients/customers, staff, volunteers, board members and the public without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry.
  • Be in good standing with the California State Registry of Charitable Trusts to operate or solicit for charitable purposes in California. 
  • Maintain a General Liability Insurance Policy covering all operations conducted by the organization with a combined single limit of not less than one million dollars per occurrence. 
  • Be prepared to submit basic financial statements, copies of the organization’s bylaws, board minutes and any other pertinent information if requested by UWNC during the application review process. 


Partner Responsibilities:

Partner Collaboration

Work cooperatively with UWNC and within its Partner Network, one that respects and recognizes that a collaborative system is essential to the community and minimizes duplication of services.

Respect the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person – the community, the donors, your staff and families, boards, and volunteers and pursue all activities with integrity and in an ethical manner.

Acknowledge UWNC as a community partner when conducting public relation outreach, including displaying UWNC logo on locally prepared printed materials, on websites and in local offices. Actively promote UWNC status (“ABC Agency is a United Way Partner Agency”). 

Support the United Way of Nevada County annual Campaign, by providing volunteers, organizational leadership, and the support necessary to insure the success of the United Way of Nevada County fundraising campaigns.

Partner Organization Governance

Adopt, implement and maintain current written by-laws or other documentation, which set forth the operational structure and guidelines of the organization that includes defining the organization’s purpose and functions, its structure, and the duties, authorities and responsibilities of its governing body and officers.

Establish and maintain an active, responsive and diverse voluntary governing body such as a Board of Directors or an Advisory Council that includes Nevada County representation and ensures effective governance over the policies and financial resources.

Maintain duly elected or appointed officers who are accountable for operational management and financial responsibilities.

Maintain current licenses, permits, and required approvals from all local, state, and national regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over its operations.

Maintain a process that discloses the nature of affiliation relationships within its organization and with other organizations.

Maintain complete and accurate financial records of program income and expenses in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures.

Immediately notify UWNC regarding any legal, financial, or governance matters and/or program changes, which may impact the agency’s ability to operate and/or deliver services.

Adhere to the Sarbanes Oxley Act Requirements for Nonprofits:

Section 802: Document Destruction: Individuals shall not knowingly alter, destroy, mutilate, etc. documents with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence an investigation of any department or agency of the United States. 

Section 806: Whistleblower Protection: It is unlawful to discharge, demote suspend, threaten, harass or discriminate in any other manner against any employee who provides information regarding conduct the employee reasonably believes constitutes financial fraud or a violation of laws.

UWNC Partners are accountable to the community through their evaluation and outcomes. If a UWNC Partner, or applying organization, fails to meet the Criteria and Responsibilities set out in this policy, and/or substantiated complaints about the UWNC Partner or applying organization are received from the community, UWNC reserves the right to deny the organization’s application and/or terminate the Partner relationship at any time if UWNC, in accordance with its policies determines the relationship is not in the best interest of UWNC. The Partner or applying organization will be notified in writing by the Executive Director of UWNC. 

Partner Criteria and Responsibilities 

Updated 2/2020, Previous Updates 7/2005, 01/2009, 11/2016]