High School Food Pantry


The Food Pantry is being modified due to COVID-19

Check back here for updated information. 

Every day in Nevada County, 140 or more homeless teenagers attend high school. 

Think about that for a moment…each school day, these young people are making difficult decisions to improve their future. We all remember the difficulties of high school and pressures of fitting in, add a lack of resources to the situation (shelter, food, clothes, a bathroom) and you can appreciate the courage of these students.

We can’t solve this problem today, but we can alleviate some of the obstacles these students face. United Way of Nevada County in cooperation with InterFaith Food Ministry, Food Bank of Nevada County and high school representatives, have established the county’s first food pantry on a high school campus. Students are invited to "shop" for themselves and, often, family members. 

What can you do? Get the word out to your community, get involved, send a few dollars to United Way of Nevada County specified for this program (every dollar UWNC receives will be spent on food), donate appropriate food or supplies.  

Click below for a list of appropriate food and supplies, For more information about the program, or how to volunteer or donate, call United Way of Nevada County at 530.274.8111 or email admin@uwnc.org 

Food List

Food Pantry List (pdf)