Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What will United Way of Nevada County do with the money raised?

    United Way of Nevada County (UWNC) raises money for the Community  Impact Fund. This fund is then directed to the most critical needs in  Nevada County. Community needs are reviewed on an annual basis.  Currently UWNC is focused on the BASIC NEEDS of:
    1. FOOD

Chances are that some of your employees, neighbors, friends,  or family have benefited either directly or indirectly from one or more  of the programs provided by one of our partner agencies. 

  • Does the money stay in this community?

    Absolutely! The only money that leaves our county is any money you designate to a  non-profit outside the community. United Way of Nevada County pays  approximately $100 a month (1% per year) to United Way of America for  their services. But, all the money raised in Nevada County STAYS in  Nevada County.

  • How many employees does United Way of Nevada County have?

    United Way of Nevada County has 1 full time Executive Director,  Megan Timpany, and up to two part time staff members working 12 & 27  hours per week.  We rely heavily on volunteers to accomplish our  mission. Volunteers put in countless hours as our Board of Directors,  serving on committees, participating in community Citizens Review Teams  of our member agencies, planning events and doing general office work.

  • What has United Way of Nevada County accomplished?

    United Way of Nevada County (UWNC) works to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community. United Way raises money from multiple sources to help Nevada County residents with their Basic Needs (Food, Shelter and Access to Health Care) and constantly analyzes how best to use it to address the largest needs in Nevada County. Funding may be allocated to partners who are focused on our impact areas, or on programs.  When gaps in services in the community are identified, the UWNC Community Impact Committee works on the best way to help. In 2016 it was determined that many community members suffering from food insecurity find it difficult to get to the food distributions offered during the week. For several months, UWNC collaborated with Interfaith Food Ministry, a United Way partner, to develop a program to support the individuals and families challenged with food insecurity. Another gap in services was found recently, so UWNC purchased a van for Hospitality House’s Street Outreach Program. 

  • How does United Way of Nevada County allocate money raised?

    A Citizen Review Team (CRT) visits each of the member agencies then  meets to review each agency's application for funds and share the  findings from their visit. The application includes program objectives  and outcomes, financial reports, fundraising sources, agency management  practices, agency fiscal management and effectiveness of services  delivered. In addition, each agency is audited by the UWNC Executive  Director and key members of the Board of Directors. The CRTs make a  recommendation on how much to allocate to each agency visited to the  Executive Director and members of the Board, who then use this  information and the results of their own audit to make the final  decision on the allocations. This is done on an annual basis.

  • Why now? Why should I donate to United Way?

    Because of current economic issues, the services our partner agencies  provide to our communities are more critical than ever. We act in  coordination with our agencies to provide them with the much-needed  efficiency of a payroll giving campaign at places of work in order to  off-load some of the burden of fund raising so they can continue to  focus more of their time and energy on providing those services.     

    United Way of Nevada County is also in a position to provide  leadership and collaboration around the big issues and concerns of our  community. We are taking this leadership role on in the areas of  education, income and health, and not just through fund raising.  We  coordinate volunteer activities, such as  Day of Action and  YouthCANDO, and promote collaboration among the non-profits in Nevada  County.