Workplace Giving Campaign

Workplace Giving Campaign FAQs

Workplace Giving makes philanthropy easy.  By donating through United Way of  Nevada County you can support the impactful programs we bring to our community. You can also directly designate a portion or all of your donation to the non-profit of your choice.  A little each paycheck goes a long way. 

What is a Workplace Payroll Giving campaign?

This is a voluntary program through which you give your employees the opportunity to become philanthropists in the community by a payroll deduction. Employees pledge a specific, self-determined amount which is then deducted from their paycheck.

Is my company big enough to host a campaign?

If your company has 5 or more employees, then a campaign makes sense for you and for them.

Won't it be a lot of work for my payroll service (or Bookkeeper, myself, etc.)?

Your employees will decide in advance how much money they would like to donate per pay period (even a dollar makes a difference). Once you set  up the deductions it will be consistent every pay period, just like contributions to a 401K. United Way can provide payroll pledge forms for  you.

What is the benefit to hosting a campaign for my employees?

Payroll deduction is a benefit you provide for your employees that costs you  only a slight amount of time and provides them with the optional opportunity to be philanthropists in their own community.

Donating by payroll deduction is easy for them, tax deductible, and almost  painless. Just a dollar or two per pay period adds up and has a positive impact in the community. Employees may donate through payroll pledges which are put in the Community Impact Fund to be allocated to United Way programs, collaborative programs, and possibly to our partner organizations.  Employees may decide to designate their contribution to be received by any  specific 501(c)(3) registered non-profit.

Many employers who host campaigns have a company or department fundraiser, such as raffling off premium parking spaces, selling homemade items, a  bake sale, golf tournament, etc. These are opportunities to create an atmosphere of teamwork that has a positive effect on the bottom line.  Check out our Campaign Resources page.

How much time will it take to set up?

Once  you decide to host a workplace campaign you will appoint a  campaign leader who will work closely with a United Way of Nevada County employee or volunteer. This person may choose to have a meeting to introduce the campaign or merely send out pledge cards with an  explanation.

If an employee decides to participate, they will spend about 2 minutes filling out the pledge card and turning it in to the campaign leader.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

Congratulations for being a community problem solver! Call us at (530) 274-8111 or email us at today. We will be happy to discuss setting up your own Workplace Giving Campaign.