Striving to assure that individuals and families in Nevada County are able to meet their basic need for:

  1. Food Insecurity
  2. Emergency Shelter
  3. Access to Health CareFAS


Food Insecurity

United Way of Nevada County works with many partner agencies to help families, seniors and disabled persons meet their need for food and live their lives to the fullest extent. In recent years, UWNC has funded local programs addressing food insecurity in western Nevada County and the Truckee area. Through these programs, children in low income families were delivered healthy, nutritious lunches all summer, individuals and families received groceries to put meals on their tables, seniors and the disabled receiving "Meals on Wheels" started getting frozen meals for the weekend and emergency food supplies in case of inclement weather disrupting hot meal deliveries.

Our partner agencies providing these programs are, respectively:

Emergency Shelter

United Way of Nevada County is here to help direct you to the appropriate organization to help you and your family in times of crisis. UWNC partners help with community needs such as emergency shelter and/or permanent housing for families and individuals in Nevada County.

Our partner agencies providing these programs are:

Access to Health Care

United Way of Nevada County works to increase access to health care for all. UWNC partner agencies provide help with the basic need of access to health care professionals and specialized health care programs.

Related partner agencies include:

Other Community Needs

Even with the focus on Basic Needs mentioned above, some of our partner agencies help in other important ways; finding forever homes for children, provide childcare assistance, parenting support or provide life-enhancing education to help all individuals achieve their desired level of potential.

The current partner agencies providing some of these services are: