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Education Helping children and adults achieve their potential through education and mentoring programs.

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Income Helping families and seniors become financially stable and independent by supporting basic needs.

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Health Improving people's health by increasing access to critical healthcare and reducing substance abuse, child abuse and domestic violence.


United Way of Nevada County

What would our community look like if every individual and family could achieve their desired potential?

We envision a Nevada County where no-one goes hungry. Every child has the healthy, nutritious food to feed their growing bodies and succeed in their eduction. Every person is food secure.

We envision a Nevada County where no-one has to live in an unsafe environment. Everyone has access to shelter in their time of need.

We envision a Nevada County where no-one unnecessarily suffers through health issues. Every citizen, even those living remotely, can reach a doctor when needed.

If you share this vision, join us. GIVE, ADVOCATE, VOLUNTEER The United Way!

To us, Mobilizing the Caring Power of Our Community is more than just a slogan. It's what we do. Here's what that looks like and how you can join in:

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Payroll Giving is the life blood of United Way of Nevada County. You can contribute a small amount with each paycheck and make a big impact over a year. If your employer doesn't offer payroll giving, learn about the process on our campaign page and consider leading the charge at your place of employment.

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Individual Contributions can make a bigger impact than you might imagine. If you want to give through United Way of Nevada County, go to our donation page to find our on-line portals or our contact page to get our address and phone number. You might also consider leaving a lasting legacy in your estate planning. See ways to give.

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Special Events raise funds for United Way of Nevada County and collect goods for our partners. Our premier family-friendly fun event is our annual BBQ Battle, now combined with a Foreign Car and Motorcycle show, in August. Our major collection event is our blanket/sleeping bag and clothing drive every fall. New events are always being planned. So check our events page regularly to see what's upcoming.

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Caring Power is more than just money and blankets. Achieving our vision for the community takes people power as well. You can make a difference by volunteering. We, and our partners, have many opportunities for you. Start by browsing the suggestions on our volunteer page or contact us.